Spec List (last revision October 7, 2018)

Spec list, updated October 07, 2018

Engine and Drivetrain Mods:

Mine's Stage 1+ (1.5?) Complete Engine


Heat treated block
Bored out cylinders to fit larger diameter (87mm) pistons
Ported intake and exhaust
Tomei forged pistons and conrods, balanced
Lightened and balanced crankshaft
Polished intake/exhaust valves
Mine's 252 cams, 10.05mm lift (both intake/exhaust)
HKS cam gears
HKS strengthened timing belt
Tomei head gasket 1.2mm
Tomei ExPREME Exhaust Manifolds
Tomei oil pan baffles
N1 Oil pump
HKS GT-SS turbos
Custom VX-ROM

NISMO air inlet pipes

HKS oil cooler

HKS Intercooler Hard Pipes

NISMO Oil Separator

Koyo Aluminum Radiator Type Z

Stock 5 speed transmission

NISMO lightened flywheel

NISMO Coppermix twin (twin plate clutch)

Custom Steel Braided Turbo Oil Lines

OS Giken 1.5 Rear LSD
Greddy large capacity rear diff cover

Engine Dress Up:
Garage Defend Cooling Panel/NISMO Oil Cap

Titanium and Aluminum bolts
4 Alum bolts for resistor pack - hex, M5x0.8x25 (removed after Okada Plasmas installed)
Titanium bolts - list soon

Exhaust Mods:
Fujitsubo Super Legalis R (replaced by Tomei ExPREME)
Apex'i Super Catalzyer (Catalytic converter, replaced by HKS Metal Catalzyer)

HKS Metal Catalyzer, BCNR33 specific

Mine's stainless Front Pipe Pro

Tomei Powered ExPREME Titanium Exhaust

NISMO Suspension Link Set
(front upper links, front transverse links, tension rods, rear A arm (strengthened version), rear upper links)
NISMO Stabilizer Bars

NISMO Steering Bushes
NISMO Rear Brace

Ohlins DFV
NISMO Performance Dampers

NISMO front brace
NISMO underfloor center brace

NISMO Titanium Tower Bar

Spoon Sports Rigid Collars 

Brake Mods:

R35 Brembo Brake Calipers
R35 Brembo Brake rotors
R35 brake pads
Custom brackets
Custom stainless steel brakelines

NISMO air deflection plates
50mm hosing

Cusco Brake Stopper

RE30, 18x9.5, ET10 Silver (replaced by TE37)
Bridgestone RE55S

TE37, 18x9.5, ET12 Matte Black respray
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08

NISMO LMGT4 Special Edition Black 18x9.5 ET12
Yokohama 048 M

Optima Yellow Top Battery
Do-Luck DTM-II (advanced, adjustable output G sensor)
Carbon fiber center spoiler blade
NISMO carbon end caps (not installed)
NISMO B pillar carbon fiber

NISMO smoked turn indicators
Yahoo Auction "crystal" turn indicators

Window tinting (5%) on rear and back glass

Speedhunters.com Sticker

LED front parking lamps (gone, replaced by 6200K 130lm Philips LED)

Philips LED front parking lamps (gone, replaced by 6000K 130 lm Philips LED)

Philips LED front parking lamps (current)

Rear view camera

LED Back up light (replaced by HID)

HID Back up light (gone. Replaced with hi power LED 

High power LED back up light (current)

DIY LED door handle courtesy lights
Remote door unlock (via Alarm key fob)
Pioneer Navi
Pioneer Speakers
LED light bulbs:
Center panel
Map lights
PIAA LED Center overhead lights and maplights
DIY red LED courtesy lights (door handles)
DIY red ignition light

Custom Leather Shiftboot off Yahoo Auction (replaced with bespoke)
NISMO short shift
Custom Leather center console cover (replaced with bespoke)

Interior sound deadening

Ital Volanti Imola R steering wheel (redone by Robson)
NISMO horn button

Daikei steering wheel boss

Engine Oil – Motul 300V Competition 15W-50
Transmission Oil – Redline Heavy ShockProof
Rear Differential Oil - OS Giken Gear Oil – OS-250R (80W-250)
Brake Fluid – Endless RF650 (DOT 5.1)
Coolant - Nissan

NISMO air filter
NISMO oil filter

Dyno Runs:
Super Autobacs

Old Spec List as of November 2007