Monday, November 5, 2007

Overheating problem... solved?

Picked up my car today. I was planning on returning it after a quick blast, but events conspired so that I couldn't return it. No matter, it runs! There is STILL one problem left, but this time it's something Mine's Nakayama-san found which is not related to the new engine - a dead O2 sensor.

Which makes the car idle very poorly. Mine's has ordered the part, and we were set to have it installed on Monday, but it will have to wait till the weekend.

Anyway, the good news is that the overheating problem is solved! Apparently there was crud from the old radiator that became dislodged. So this was all flushed out, and a new radiator installed. A Koyo Type-Z - a nice big aluminum radiator.

I drove the car very, very hard, and the temp never got above the horizontal line. In fact, it hovered about 10 degrees south of the horizontal. So, I'm very, very happy!

Did I mention the car is now extremely quick? Almost frighteningly so. Boost is set at 1.3, which Nakayama-san says is somewhere above 500ps, even with the GT-SS turbines. We could set to 1.5, but this isn't good for the sport catalyzer, so were are being conservative. Yikes, how much more power could this car pump out? Although I'm tempted to put in a straight pipe, and set for 1.5, just for the next track day... I wonder if I could go to Top Secret to take care of this? Mine's was a bit reluctant to do this, in case I got caught. BTW, anything above 1.5, and the turbines can't respond effectively, supposedly.

So here is a pic of the engine, check out the enormous new radiator:

Also note the new Samco radiator tubing I had put in. Somehow though, the engine just lacks "flash." Maybe I need to get some chrome bits, or carbon fiber, or something to spruce up the look. I do have earthing wires already installed, but the silver wires don't do much.

Maybe I should have gone with the purple Samco hoses, to match the Mine's purple crinkle finished engine covers.

Here is another shot of the rear - apparently they are still working on getting the new Mine's logo in - the one with the red "S" - can't wait to put that on. I do really like the subdued look of this, though. Very Mine's philosophy of not being flashy.

Will keep the car in the garage at my apt this week - and will drop off again at Mine's on Sat, when they will fix the O2 sensor. Hopefully, I get it back on Sunday. Stay tuned!

Oh, PS - check out this link - when the UK GTROC guys were in town, they paid a visit to Mine's and found my car being serviced:

Great pics, thanks Rob!!

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