BCNR33 Colors - How Many in What Color?

Many thanks to Michael Kynoch who posted this information on the R33 GT-R Facebook page, and graciously allowed me to repost here. He explains he got the data from his Nissan FAST and vin data files. Interestingly, he came up 5 cars short; he believes they may have been painted 5 non-standard colors.

I've gone ahead and listed in order of popularity (most to least), and which Series cars they were available on.

QM1 White - 6048 [S1, S2, S3]
KL0 Spark Silver - 2256 [S1]
LP2 Midnight Purple - 2222 [S1, S2, S3]
KR4 Sonic Silver - 1860 [S2, S3]
KH3 Black 1052 [S1, S2, S3]
KN6 Dark Grey Pearl - 592 [S1, S2, S3]
BN6 Deep Marine Blue - 407 [S1, S2, S3]
AN0 Super Clear Red - 259 (special order color) [S1]
BT2  Champion Blue - 177 [S2]
AR1 Super Clear Red II/Nismo Red - 139 (special order color) [S2, S3]
GV1 Black Pearl - 19 (the very last V-spec built was this color) [BNR34 color]
AR2 Active Red/Carmine Red - 12 [BNR34 color]

Note that I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the numbers; nevertheless it gives you a good idea in general. I could not find AR2 in any of my sources, but it's likely the very last cars were available in this color, like GV1, as these colors were used on the BNR34


Sean Morris said...

I came up with a couple of weird 1995's - One code was 2R8 for two cars.

Aki said...

Hi Sean,

When you obtained those numbers, were they directly off the plate? Thinking it could have been a handwriting error for "248" - which is a metallic silver, or "BR8" a metallic blue - could be custom colors, and yes there are sloppy/careless people in Japan too...

TheWatch231 said...

177 in BT2? How is that possible, when "official" numbers tell only 98 LM's where ever build?

Brad mckernan said...

It says 177 in bt2 because that's how many Lm's were made. 98 is a unfounded myth.

WarboyRB said...

Well I have a funny one, had a BCNR33 Series 2 built Jan 1997, VIN BCNR33-024069 with the colour code KL0. How do you explain that?

Aki said...

WarboyRB - hmm, that's a good one. How do you know first of all, that it was built in Jan 1997? Reason I ask is, since the first series 2 started at 021000, and 4093 series 2 cars were built (model years are contemporaneous in Japan, not pre-year like in the USA, etc), then the last Series 2 would be around 025093. If 4093 cars are built over 12 months, that's about 340 cars per month, and as the Series 3 builds began in February, most people would hold off ordering until the minor changes would come out, so a build in Jan 1997 would likely be towards the higher VIN number..this is, of course, assuming that the numbers are in order and sequential by one unit.

Anyway, whatever. My guess would be, either a one-off custom, or the car was repainted and color code sticker with KL0 stuck onto the car door jamb. OR, do you have proof from the VIN plate in the engine bay? If so then it would be a custom car, might be worth more then!!! No photos you can share?

WarboyRB said...

Well I'm still kicking myself for not taking an image of the VIN plate prior to selling it but KL0 code was shown on the VIN plate, not on some other sticker. How I remember it all is that I just scribbled a VIN and the colour code on a folder where I kept all the receipts for the car.
For the build month, that was a guess based on car being complied in Australia as a 1997 model (compliance was done in 1999) and that Series 3 started off production in Feb 1997... You reasoning does make sense though so I'm questioning the 97' now myself.

WarboyRB said...

Actually, I just found one photo of the VIN plate. How can I share it with the blog?

Aki said...

WarboyRB, you can email to me at aitoh at-mark - thanks in advance!