Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wrecked the Engine at FISCO! 富士で エンジンブロー!

Went to Fuji Speedway today - but came back on a flatbed truck. Blew the engine of the car - I had shifted too early entering the first corner, causing the engine to over rev.  This resulted in oil pump failure, which then led to the destruction of other parts of the engine. All on video.


On the way there, I had just hit the 80,000km mark, too.

While I was waiting for the transporter to arrive, spotted Suda-san and his Z, getting ready to get on the track. Behind his white convertible Z is a VW Polo, complete with roll cage. Another Sunako graduate let me drive it - really fun, actually, but the engine mount was broken, so alas he could not drive for the day.


Also saw another R33 GTR and a GTS?... 同じR33のGT-RとGTS?も見かけました。

Additionally, I found another casualty, although I believe he made it home under his own power...

Dealer says it will cost me about 1.3million yen to get fixed. That, my friends, is a lot of money...Actually, it won't be fixed, the engine will be replaced with a stronger, more durable BCNR33 N1 engine. For those who don't know, the N1 block and parts are stronger than the standard parts, built originally for endurance racing.

いつもお世話になってる日産プリンス東京モータースポーツ室に運んでもらいましたが、診断はエンジンブロー。新品のエンジンを乗せ換えするしかないと。ただし、よく走行会に行くなら、今度はノーマルエンジンではなく、BCNR33 N1エンジンを提案。N1エンジンのブロックなどは耐久レースのため標準より強化されてできているが、見積もりは130万円。確かに高い!お金がない僕には、どうやって。。。

but the real issue is, I can have the N1 installed with standard R34 turbos, which as they are ball bearing have quicker pick up. But, the power output remains similar to that of the BCNR33 turbos. So, I am thinking I should use this opportunity and install the HKS GT-SS turbos, which not only are smooth and powerful, but give power from low RPMs.


Of course, maybe I should get a second opinion from another tuner?


Here are some pictures of my car BEFORE the incident. この間洗車したとき写真です。

Does that tire look somewhat worn? Maybe it was good thing my engine broke...


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