Nismo R33 Skyline GT-R Street Parts 1997

The Intercooler Air Spoiler is interesting.. except not carbon fiber like the Nissan one!

So if I got these Nismo emblems and replaced the red GT logo on the side, would I be that much closer to a 400R?

Ok now here are some parts I want! The most interesting page of this catalog...

Interesting how Nismo always seems to have GT-R branded oil... at premium pricing...

Hmm... I guess the only part I'd want here is the master cylinder brace

Interesting, except the modern Nismo catalog has more suspension related parts... except for that titanium tower bar, of course!

Series 3 braking!


Anonymous said...

Your collection of images are priceless.
Oh i want that spoiler so bad!

Anonymous said...

some of the pictures arent loading anymore

Anonymous said...

Unsure if you’ll even see this, but I happen to have the complete glovebox gauge set. Never seen it in a catalogue until now!