Monday, July 23, 2007

ホイール塗装・had my wheels repainted

check it out - incredible how badly worn out they were, and I hadn't really noticed.  Decided to get them repainted/refinished because they were looking a bit scuffed, here and there. nothing major, but just enough to annoy me.




Many thanks to Furukawa-san and his crew at Garage Buru, who actually went back and entirely repainted two of the wheels when I found two small specks of dust that had gotten caught in the clearcoat! Now THAT is customer service!


I then had the wheels coated with a "glass coating" here -

Netgear's manager, Itoh-san is a cool guy. Had fun talking to him about the Glass Coat product he uses. Will definitely go back and glass coat the rest of the car when I am happy with the bodywork of the car.


This is the product line they use/これが彼らが使ってるコーティングです。

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