Sunday, March 30, 2008

Track Day At Fuji

Pretty good day, only ran 2 of 3 events though as it started raining pretty hard. I think my fastest time was about a 2"06' (measured by stopwatch while watching the video).

Saw 4 brand new GT-Rs at the track. Three of the owners were taking it easy, the other was going pretty fast, but it was more the car and not him. On the straight, its lack of turbo lag makes it really quick. I could not catch him, even thouhg I was able to catch up the a GT3 that it passed.

Still working on the video, but meanwhile:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Brake Pads - Just in Time...

Getting ready for a track day tomorrow, on the advice of Honda-san at Prince Motorsports, changed out the front pads. Had on the PFC racing pads; decided to try this time, Nismo R-tune pads.

And look at these photos - I don't think I could have safely stopped with these on. I was told they only had 3mm left, but actually...

Look at this - the material has literally ground away... incidentally this was from the front left wheel - the one that tended to shower sparks upon hard braking.

FYI - ever wonder why stock brake pads make that awful squeak indicating the pads need replacing. Because they have this "finger" that scratches the disk rotor when there is very little pad left.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Before I forget... one more video

This was taken in my car with my friend Nick sitting in the passenger seat as Sunako-san drove. On RE-01R street radials, Mine's engine. Believe this was sometime last year, but the video belongs to Nick.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nostalgic Hero

So, it looks like I am going to the event on May 5th after all.

Got a call from Yamaguchi-san from Nostalgic Hero magazine. They are setting up a display of Skyline GT-Rs at the Old/Now Festival, and contacted Nissan Prnce Motorsports to find a car like mine.

If you're in the Tsukuba area on May 5, come see me! Reason I was asked to display my car is that it still runs the standard R33 GT-R wheels!

Although, I really should get a proper set of 18"s just for the track (currently use a trashed up set of original GT-R 17" ones I picked up on Yahoo Auctions). Am thinking about the Volk CE28Ns, or the Weds TC105Ns. Both are light, the Weds are cheaper, but probably cast not forged. The Prodrive GC-010Gs are nice too - deep dish. And then, what size? Too large, and then S-tires become expensive...

Volk CE28N

Weds TC105N

Prodrive GC-010G

I guess there is an obvious common theme, here. 10 Spokes, and all lightweight designs! All good choices... no money now, but sometime in the future?

Some photoshop work by a friend...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Visit To Mine's

After getting my car back from the biannual Shaken (車検)nothing wrong apparently, just pay alot of taxes and they let you be - but what the heck, I went ahead and had all the fluids changed.

And what a difference - the transmission feels SO much better now - more more snick-snick accurate. And not as much grinding in 4th!

I drove down to Mine's - Nakayama-san and Nagahama-kun had promised to take care of one last detail which I wasn't happy with - the imperfectly painted engine covers on the new engine. So I got to Mine's at exactly 1500, then spent the next 90 minutes or so chatting with Nagahama about what was going on at Mine's. Some exciting projects underway!

So the car has temporary standard covers on now. Will insert pic here tomorrow.

Also, I mentioned to Nakayama-san that the car seemed to get a bit hotter than expected during the runs at FISCO, especially given the Toyo Al radiator. He recommended thinking about a way to get heat out of the engine bay by getting a new bonnet. I think he was talking about these kinds of thing.

Jun (113,400円)

Aeromaster (35,000円 primer; 51,590円 painted):

Electra (388,500円!) 3.8kgs, though. Not worth it, but pretty:

I've also seen some on Yahoo Auctions that look like the Nismo Z-Tune bonnet for 66,000円. but it weighs 8kgs. Another version has one opening only, but weighs 7kgs.

I wonder what's the best deal?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

FISCO License and Track Sessions

Joined members of the SDIJ bulletin board (Simon, Gill, Richard, and Nick) in getting our FISCO licenses. Actually, I had an old one, so just got mine renewed. After the class, we all spent some on the track, except for Richard, who was off to an onsen in Atami with his girlfriend Naomi.

Here is Simon in his NSX - with Type R engine!

His wife Gill, in her S2000 - at very high speed. Those Honda mufflers are amazing!

Lee in his 1994 Corvette ZR1! Yeah, American muscle!!

Finally, me and Nick. Listen to how similar our cars sound - the Mine's RB26 sound!!

Here's Nick, me and Lee (courtesy of Nick)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tsukuba 1000 Track Day

Originally scheduled in February, that time we were snowed out! This time - well, here are some photos and video!

All photos courtesy of Tom O'Dowd. Thanks Tom for the photos and video, and for coming out to hang out with us!

Lucky number 13!

"V" is for... wish me luck! It's not a race, but up against these really lightweight Mazdas (RX-8s, Roadsters, an RX-7... and some guy in an S15 Silvia - he was REALLY FAST!)

Here is a shot of the first corner. Didn't quite take it the way I should have... something I need to work on.

And yes, some video.

My car driven by a pro:

part 2

me driving

from inside!

Also, I made friends with Hideo Sumi, who drives an S15 (and very well, too). Great guy! Check out his blog.