Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nostalgic Hero

So, it looks like I am going to the event on May 5th after all.

Got a call from Yamaguchi-san from Nostalgic Hero magazine. They are setting up a display of Skyline GT-Rs at the Old/Now Festival, and contacted Nissan Prnce Motorsports to find a car like mine.

If you're in the Tsukuba area on May 5, come see me! Reason I was asked to display my car is that it still runs the standard R33 GT-R wheels!

Although, I really should get a proper set of 18"s just for the track (currently use a trashed up set of original GT-R 17" ones I picked up on Yahoo Auctions). Am thinking about the Volk CE28Ns, or the Weds TC105Ns. Both are light, the Weds are cheaper, but probably cast not forged. The Prodrive GC-010Gs are nice too - deep dish. And then, what size? Too large, and then S-tires become expensive...

Volk CE28N

Weds TC105N

Prodrive GC-010G

I guess there is an obvious common theme, here. 10 Spokes, and all lightweight designs! All good choices... no money now, but sometime in the future?

Some photoshop work by a friend...

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