Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tsukuba 1000 Track Day

Originally scheduled in February, that time we were snowed out! This time - well, here are some photos and video!

All photos courtesy of Tom O'Dowd. Thanks Tom for the photos and video, and for coming out to hang out with us!

Lucky number 13!

"V" is for... wish me luck! It's not a race, but up against these really lightweight Mazdas (RX-8s, Roadsters, an RX-7... and some guy in an S15 Silvia - he was REALLY FAST!)

Here is a shot of the first corner. Didn't quite take it the way I should have... something I need to work on.

And yes, some video.

My car driven by a pro:

part 2

me driving

from inside!

Also, I made friends with Hideo Sumi, who drives an S15 (and very well, too). Great guy! Check out his blog.

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