Monday, October 9, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 21. The Rear Side Panels!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Cesar (actually his son Alex) had sent a few more photos, not just the ones of the doors being prepared for the leather.

Unlike last time, I did not receive 20 photos, just the following 3!

Then again, these are pretty simple compared to the door panels. No need for Alcantara, just some nice stitching in the right places... and then about 10 days later, he sent me these photos:

You can see he had pre-sewn the pieces

Then used weights to hold down while the glue dried

Close up of the stitching in this corner

And this is how the vinyl templates were all laid out on the hide.
So with the center console and main dash done, and now with both front doors and the rear panels also finished, what is left? Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 20. And Now Onto The Doors...

So as if the dash alone wasn't an absolute miracle of old world craftsmanship, ingenuity and some OCD, Cesar was far from done. Indeed, a couple of weeks after (the flu slowed him down!) he sent me the following photos of the work being done already on the door panels I had sent him from my own car.

And as is rapidly becoming my habit, I'll let the photos do the talking...

Obviously the white lines show where the stitching will go.

And here is a rough sketch of where the courtesy lamp would go

I had asked Cesar to cover the green spots in Alcantara. His response, "no problem"! Yellow and Red were the spots we had debated on where to put the courtesy lamps.
Door pocket guides have been removed to be covered in Alcantara

Adding reinforcement to that section of the driver door that had deteriorated due to one too many heavy elbows

And it wasn't just the doors he was working on, he also sent this photo to show the difference between his brake lever boot and the Redline one.
Cesar's vs Redline

Cesar's has the snap, the Redline is velcro
 Sharp eyed readers will see that the photos of the doors are only for those of the driver door. He sent a bunch over too for the passenger door but they are basically the same as the ones above and I am too lazy to post them.

He DID send some other photos, which I will post in my next post...