Saturday, July 22, 2023

Torque Wrenches JUST for Car Wheels

 Check this out...

Thanks to Amazon its algorithm which knows that I own a Nissan, I found out that KTC (Kyoto Tool Company) makes and sells torque wrenches that are pre-set to the wheel lug nut torques for various JDM car manufacturers.

From Amazon

For example, the blue one torques at 85N-m for Suzukis and Nissan kei-cars; the black one at 103N-m for Toyota and Daihatsu cars, and the red one at 108N-m for Nissans and Hondas.

Naturally I sprang for the  Nissan specific one as it was heavily marked down during the recent Amazon Prime day sale. Thanks Amazon!

Made In Japan, of course!

Truth be told, I already have an old Husky brand adjustable torque wrench I think I borrowed from my father many years ago, and never returned.  I found out however that with such manually adjustable torque wrenches you are always supposed to return the setting to zero after every use, otherwise the internal springs start to stretch and this can throw off the accuracy of the wrench.  And to be honest, I think I never did that, preferring to leave it on the last used setting (which was usually for the GT-R's wheel nuts anyway...)  But if the wrench is NOT adjustable, then this is not an issue. 

I wasn't expecting a case but this is a nice touch!

For something that retails at around $100 USD, it goes without saying that it better be accurate! But yes there is this Certificate of Calibration showing within 0.5%.
Love how there is a Certificate of Calibration

Of course I finally broke out my Ko-ken plastic sleeved car lug nut sockets, which I had bought a couple of years ago.  Why the plastic sleeves? To prevent the accidental scratch of course! 
Blue band is 17mm for Nissan, Yellow is 21mm for the Lexus

Love how Ko-ken has these knurled extension bars.

So of course once this wrench arrived I had to go and "check" all the wheels. 

Everything was tight, except for one nut on the front right wheel. Nice! As for removal, I had previously bought a Ko-Ken ZEAL series cross series lug nut wrench. 


I have a breaker bar somewhere too. So in summary, now I have all the specific tools to perfectly remove and re-mount my wheels.  If I ever have a need to do so (with carbon ceramics, the wheels don't get brake dust dirty anymore...)

Anyway, yes it is sad that I am so busy these days that I can only post this kind of stuff. I actually have a few things that have accumulated in my garage I need to get done soon. Hmm...