Sunday, February 3, 2008

Track day at Tsukuba - Cancelled (TC1000走行会中止)

Due to the rain/sleet/snow falling on the greater Kanto plane this a call from D-Tech right as I was at the service station, getting gas. They told me the event will be rescheduled soon.

Too bad, I was looking forward to massive power oversteer/loss of traction understeer due to the slick surface, and learning to recover from those types of slides, but oh well...

BTW - finally figured out how to edit my cell phone movie of my car at SuperAutobacs last year. Had to use MS Movie Maker to correct the angle at which I had shot the movie (at 90 degrees left).

Here is the video clip:

The results of this dyno run are posted on my post for Dec 1, 2007.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

SSCT New Year's Party 2008 新年会

Tonight, attended my first ever SSCT (Skyline Sports Club Tokyo) New Year's Party, held in Ichigaya.

I got married last weekend in Zushi. The guys at SSCT knew this - and they (led by the SSCT Chairman, Fukai-san) surprised us (went with my wife) with some very nice gifts!

As for the event itself, there were some special guests present - selected speakers included Yoshikazu Sunako (Jukucho's dad), Kakizaki-san (?) and Goto-san (all who were involved in the development of the Prince 380 racing car, the predecessor to the first GT-R).

Followed by a short chat by Itoh-san and Watanabe-san, the developers of the R32 GT-R, and R33 and R34 GT-Rs, respectively.

After the talk show and dinner, they surprised us with this:

Fukai-san also gave us a special "stamina" drink - and a how to care for a baby book that would result from the stamina! Then, a judo book for when I got in trouble (to defend myself) and for her, a book on attorneys - good vs bad bengoshi!

After this, we went around taking pictures:

Here I am with Itoh-san, shortly after I got his autograph:

Here I am with Watanabe-san, shortly after I got his autograph:

I even got a picture with Sunako Sr:

Me, the wife, and Sunako SR:

And, as we were talking with him, I "won" this -

signed by Goto-san!

The wife with Sunako JR:

Thank you Fukai-san!

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Tsukuba 1000 - first time ever, running with D-Tech, a Mazda tuner. But I am not interested in times, more interested in the instruction on this short course. However, I did manage to fit the with S tires - at no cost - Fukai-san had bought four new s-tires for himself (he damaged one wheel/tire at the last track day), so he was throwing away his semi-used ones, so I got those for free! Thanks Fukai-san!!!