Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daikoku PA, Wednesday November 13

I was too excited to see my friends, both old and new, so forgot to take pictures.

However, a couple of entries from that evening, enjoy.

from my friend -

from the GTROC forum -

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Brake Rotor Pads... and some paint

After a week, finally got my car back. In the shop for new front brake rotors, as the original ones were pretty much gone. The pads had ground so much of the rotor away that you could feel a "lip" rising out of the edge, perhaps about 1mm tall. Anyway, the rotor was cracked, and the calipers also were somewhat burnt...

So the menu was - PFC Direct Drive rotors, overhaulled original Brembo calipers, including a repaint and new o-rings. New pads are PFC's racing spec.

Before (Nissan shot):

Check out the burnt lettering:

After replacement:

Will take awhile to break-in... then next step are the rear brakes...after which I'll have to get serious about upgrading the wheels and tires...