Sunday, November 25, 2007

Complete Car Spec

due to some inquiries, here is a list of items on my car (off top of my head)

Car - 1997 BCNR33 Std
Color - Sonic Silver (KR4)
Wheels - BCNR33 Std.
Tires - Bridgestone RE-01R for road, Yokohama A048 for track

Mine's Stage 1+
At Boost Setting of 1.3:
Power - 508.2ps
Torque - 59.5 kgm

Measured at SuperAutoBacs Tokyo Bay, December 1, 2007 on its BOSCH machine. See updated entry for Dec 1.

(photo courtesy of Kanzen Performance)

Specific Engine Components are listed in this blog previously
Engine Oil - Motul 15W-50
Radiator - Koyo Racing Type-Z (Aluminum)
Sparco Radiator Hoses (blue)
Nismo High Pressure Radiator Cap (1.3kg/cm)
Garage Defend Carbon Fiber Air Cooling Panel
Intercooler - std
GTROC-UK Earthing Kit
Boost Controller - Blitz SBC (Double solenoid model) at 1.3 currently, 1.5 is max recommended
HKS Oil Cooler (mounted in front left bumper space)
Nismo Short Shift
Nismo Copper Mix Twin Plate Clutch

Front Pipe - Mine's
Sports Catalyzer - APEX'i
Muffler - Fujitsubo Super Legalis R

Calipers - std Brembo
Rotors - std
Brake Pads - PFC Racing Compound (front), Nismo S-Tune (rear)
Steel braided brake lines - Nismo
DOT 5.1 Brake fluid (Motul?)
Brake Air Deflectors - Nismo

Shocks/springs - Nismo S-Tune
Stabilizer bars - Nismo
Full Nismo link set (front upper links, front transverse links, tension rods, rear A arm (strengthened version), rear upper links)
(Caster)キャスター角 装着前(standard):4°30' → 装着後(after):6°30'
(Camber)キャンバー角 装着前:-0°50' → 装着後:-1°50'

(photo courtesy of Steve Riches)

car came with Nissan optional part rear bumper valances (?)
Carbon fiber wing insert with Gurney flap

LED license plate bulb
super bright halogen reverse/fog lamp bulbs
HKS Kansai carbon fiber front under cover

(photo courtesy of Steve Riches)

LED interior lighting
Defi Heads Up Display
Nismo triple gauges
Pioneer HDD Carrozeria Navigation System
Stereo - incorporated in the above, plus Pioneer speakers

can't think of anything else right now...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuji Speedway! No problems! 富士スピードウェイ無事走行!

No problems! The car and the new engine performed perfectly. Although I ran S-tires, which did not provide the best of grip and so it was not my best driving. However, I have a new personal record for speed - 260kph!
無事走行しました!新マインズ改エンジンは抜群です!自分の新記録最高速度:260km! しかし、Sタイヤではなくラジアルタイヤを履いて走ったので、自分の走りにちょっと不満あります。

At speed (my car on the LEFT, bad photo...)

Sunako-jukucho and my friend Nick about to go for a ride...

Also have new video of Sunako-jukucho driving (with Nick in the passenger seat)!

Interestingly, Sunako-san said he felt the car lacked midrange torque, specifically between 4000-5000 rpm (I never noticed). So I took the car to Mine's for the after track day oil change, and mentioned this - and Niikura-san said, if that's what Sunako-san's thinking, then of course we'll take care of it!



(photo courtesy of Nick Martin)

Of course, the prize ceremony at the end was fun, too!

And the next day, I swung by Nissan Prince Tokyo to get some air put BACK in my tires (which I had deflated as the heat of running the track causes the tires to expand). Thank you Honda-san!

Thank you everyone at SSCT.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

S-Tires no Good!.このS-タイヤではサーキット走行は無理だろ!

This is the front left tire. See how it's worn out? Compare with next image, which is the right rear. Both of course are Yokohama A048s. Great tires.

So, I will have to do the track day at Fuji with the radial tires I have on the car now, Bridgestone RE-01Rs.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daikoku Futo Night

Apologize for the low quality pics. Am working on getting a better camera...

Dino's car:

Good shot of my engine, with the Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel:

Me and two new friends from Spain - Rene (Tsuchiya-kun on the GTROC forum) and his friend David). These guys are in Japan on vacation, and rented a Nissan El Grande just to come to Daikoku Futo this evening. And convinced their wives to come too. Wow.

Miguel's 86. Now THAT is an ENGINE!!

Something about the alternator wires...Adam, Tom and Miguel work on the 86.

Tom's (tom80) Supra.

Good to see you guys again - Miguel, his buddy - "Extreme," Dino, his brother, the two guys from Yokota - James and Dillon, Tom, Adam, and the people from Spain. Hope everyone made it home ok.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mine's - ALMOST done - but meanwhile. マインズ: もうちょっとで完璧に完成だね

We are quite not finished, but at least the engine runs very, very well! Yay! I picked the car up on Sunday - the O2 sensor was replaced, and the engine runs very smoothly, with no overheating. Yes, the idle is a bit rough compard to a normal engine, but otherwise, the response of the engine is fantastic, as is the power - wheel slip in second and third (it was raining, but...)

Anyway - the only thing now I am waiting for from Mine's are new engine covers - the ones fitted to my engine have a sheen to them, so they look pretty bad (e.g. the photo for the plastic oil filler cap - you can definitely see the sheen from improper painting).

Anyway - had an itch to do something - take a look at some of the photos here. I spent this evening changing 1) the GT-R badge for a new one, 2) changing my GReddy carbon fiber radiator cooling panel for a Garage Defend carbon fiber radiator cooling panel, and 3) changed the plastic oil filler cap with a billet aluminum NISMO version (thanks Mo for your generosity!).

New (left) and Old (right):

I was planning on keeping the old one for track days, but as it's somewhat of a pain to access, may just order another new one for back up.

GReddy Panel:

Garage Defend Panel

I plan to test and see if the Garage Defend panel is any better than the GReddy one, which is a design similar to Mine's and it seems everyone else. The theory with everyone else is that the half design lets hot air out on the sides. If that is correct, then I may change back to the GReddy one for the summers.

Plastic Oil Filler Cap:

Nismo Aluminum Billet Oil Cap:

Here, I will probably keep the Aluminum one for looks only - for track days and days I will take the car in for service, will probably switch to the plastic one for ease of use.



The end result:

Here is a better picture of before:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Two very cool photos

In keeping with the R33 GTR theme, I present:


copyright (thanks!)

from what I gather, some folks from were recently granted special access to Nissan's car storage facility in Zama. These were just two of the cars there.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

More photos from the UK GTR guys! My car at Mine's!

Thanks Steve for the photos!! (Mo, still waiting for yours!)

These were taken when they visited Mine's and found my car on the lift, being worked on.

1) From underneath, looking from back to front:

2) From underneath, a look at the HKS Kansai carbon fiber undertray:

3) Some of the UK guys with the Mine's guys:

From left to right: Graeme, Yonezawa-san, Mo, Nakayama-san, and Steve.

my 15 minutes? how come I have no photos of me and my car??

Because of a request by a motorsport journalist in the UK (Andy English), found this old photo of me and my car. I was contacted because I had met motor journalist Peter Lyon a few weeks ago at Daikoku Futo, a parking lot in the Yokohama area where various sports cars congregate on occasion. At that time, Peter and some other journalists were in Japan to talk to people who owned Skyline GT-Rs. I was the only R33 in the group (the other 3 cars were R34s), so naturally attracted some attention. Anyway, Mr. English, who is at a leading UK newspaper got my name from Peter, and asked me to talk about the GT-R, and have a photo ready of me and my car. Because I was late in finding this, the paper might use a more recent photo of me in the new GT-R from this blog... Oh well.

Anyway, I had to dig into my hard drive to find this... This was taken at the Tsukuba Circuit at a Skyline Sports Car Club Tokyo track day, about two years ago. Note the lack of modification to the car, as evidenced by the standard suspension and lack of carbon fiber in the rear wing.

Here is another photo of me on the race track, this time at Fuji Speedway, about to get into the car as event organizer (and fellow R33 GT-R owner) Honda-san looks on.

Talking to Nissan mechanic Yamada-san about the tires getting too hot for the track.

Finally, just a picture of the car I took when waiting to pick up the girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mine's Front Pipe Pro

So while my car was at Mine's last week in order to solve the overheating problem, I decided to go ahead and have the Mine's front pipes installed.

I had changed my normal standard exhaust for the Fujitsubo Super Legalis R (89.1mm main pipe, 117mm exhaust tail pipe) quite some time ago, around the time I got a boost controller which raised the boost on the standard BCNR33 turbines to 1.0:

I also changed the standard catalytic converter for an Apex'i sports cat, and the standard front pipes for Fujitsubo front pipes.

I had not considered, however, that the radius of the cat - on both ends, was 80mm. And now, with the new GT-SS turbos in place - these have outlets measuring 70mm. So, the Fujitsubo front pipe dimensions are 60.5, 60.5 and 70mm. So - we are missing 10mm on each end.

The Mine's front pipes, however, fit perfectly - 70mm at the turbo side, and 80mm on the cat side.

Mine's Front Pipe Pro:

I considered getting the titanium version because it's nice and light, but 1)it's also more expensive and 2) prone to cracking, according to Nakayama-san. So, got the regular SS version above.

The car now SOUNDS different - definitely less constricted, but also more baritone at full throttle. And, it seems that the engine response is a bit better than before. When I had picked up the car, Niikura-san had said that the front pipes were causing the car to sound a bit different. I now see what he meant.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Overheating problem... solved?

Picked up my car today. I was planning on returning it after a quick blast, but events conspired so that I couldn't return it. No matter, it runs! There is STILL one problem left, but this time it's something Mine's Nakayama-san found which is not related to the new engine - a dead O2 sensor.

Which makes the car idle very poorly. Mine's has ordered the part, and we were set to have it installed on Monday, but it will have to wait till the weekend.

Anyway, the good news is that the overheating problem is solved! Apparently there was crud from the old radiator that became dislodged. So this was all flushed out, and a new radiator installed. A Koyo Type-Z - a nice big aluminum radiator.

I drove the car very, very hard, and the temp never got above the horizontal line. In fact, it hovered about 10 degrees south of the horizontal. So, I'm very, very happy!

Did I mention the car is now extremely quick? Almost frighteningly so. Boost is set at 1.3, which Nakayama-san says is somewhere above 500ps, even with the GT-SS turbines. We could set to 1.5, but this isn't good for the sport catalyzer, so were are being conservative. Yikes, how much more power could this car pump out? Although I'm tempted to put in a straight pipe, and set for 1.5, just for the next track day... I wonder if I could go to Top Secret to take care of this? Mine's was a bit reluctant to do this, in case I got caught. BTW, anything above 1.5, and the turbines can't respond effectively, supposedly.

So here is a pic of the engine, check out the enormous new radiator:

Also note the new Samco radiator tubing I had put in. Somehow though, the engine just lacks "flash." Maybe I need to get some chrome bits, or carbon fiber, or something to spruce up the look. I do have earthing wires already installed, but the silver wires don't do much.

Maybe I should have gone with the purple Samco hoses, to match the Mine's purple crinkle finished engine covers.

Here is another shot of the rear - apparently they are still working on getting the new Mine's logo in - the one with the red "S" - can't wait to put that on. I do really like the subdued look of this, though. Very Mine's philosophy of not being flashy.

Will keep the car in the garage at my apt this week - and will drop off again at Mine's on Sat, when they will fix the O2 sensor. Hopefully, I get it back on Sunday. Stay tuned!

Oh, PS - check out this link - when the UK GTROC guys were in town, they paid a visit to Mine's and found my car being serviced:

Great pics, thanks Rob!!