Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picked up my car today...

Right after I installed my hard pipes, on the WAY HOME, I discovered yet ANOTHER oil leak. I took it to the Nissan dealership the next day (Monday), only to discover that yet again, it was another oil leak from the rear turbo.

So - apparently the Mine's turbo elbow does not have the connecting bits to connect to the bracket that is on the standard parts. So, without any securing, the parts vibrate, eventually putting too much stress on the joint, which eventually cracks.

The guys at Prince Tokyo Shinagawa decided (after I asked them to look into it!) that braided steel lines would be the best way to go.

They got APP (Aviation Performance Parts, I think) to custom make two hoses, one for the front turbine, and one for the rear (different lengths and connectors). See attached.

Here is Yamada-san (my favorite mechanic!) showing the standard hard tubing front and rear oil lines to the turbos. You can see where there are brackets which ares supposed to mount to the turbo outlets.

By the way - after driving other cars, like Miguel's FD and the race team Prelude - wow the GT-R sure is a solid car. EVERYTHING about my car is heavy, solid and secure! And the power... although I have to admit the Honda engine revs more freely, the power, the brakes, the balance on my car (I'm biased) is so much better! Welcome home, GT-R! I missed you!