Official Nissan UK Spec R33 GT-R Hard Cover Binder Brochure

The brochure is hardcover, and not fully A4 size. Where my watermark is, is blank space.

First page is this translucent plastic which I thought was useless, save for the words on the lower right,  "Pure exhilaration"

Underneath is this.
You would then flip to the next page, which is this photo page...

And on the opposite side facing the photo (but providing commentary when laid out flat) the below text.  The brochure continues this way to the end.
Next two pages:
Next page
Then this
with this.
This on the interior
With the corresponding text.
And then safety features.
So bare bones compared to cars of today.
Finally at the end is the technical specification page, showing also the available UKDM colors.
Note that the following is actually folded up
And when it opens up, much larger than A4 so I took two scans. Here is the upper part.

And here is the lower part which got cut off above.

Finally, here is the last page before the end of the back cover of the brochure, which is simply a bound black material.


Unknown said...

How do I buy one of these

Aki said...

Ebay? Not sure to be honest...