Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Board Video - My GT-R at Tsukuba, 車載ビデオ,Part 2

These next two videos show professional race car driver Tomohiko Sunako (widely known in GT-R circles here in Japan) driving my car on the track. First, with me in the car, giving me feedback into how the car felt and was set up.


After this run, he then was kind enough to give my girlfriend around the track as well. Note how the tires, obviously warmer from the previous run, are now allowing the car to oversteer much more.


The difference between how I drive and how a professional drives is distinct. One, there is little wasted movement. Second, he uses all of the track - for example, coming out of the last corner onto the straight in front of the pit lane, Sunako-san always goes a bit wide.


As for my car, Sunako-san commented that the suspension was set up very well, and but that the brake balance was a bit stronger up front - this helps bring out oversteer, which is something he likes, and overall, the car is set up very well for amateur drivers like myself.


Sunako-san has driven this course probably hundreds of times, and he's driven not only all makes and variations of the RB26 GT-Rs, he's driven other makes and racing machines as well. So, it was quite an honor to have this gentleman give me such positive feedback!


Sunako-san, thank you very much!

Here is a link to his official website -

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