Monday, July 16, 2007

ツインリング茂木12時間耐久イベントー 12 Hour Endurance Event - Twin Ring Motegi!!

Met with Sunako-juku students and SSCT members on Sunday morning in Mito, in Ibaraki prefecture Japan.  Did so in order to prepare the Porsche 964 lent to the Sunako team by Front Row (Porsche dealer) for the 12 hour + 7 minutes endurance event at Twin Ring Motegi raceway.

日曜日砂子塾生とSSCTメンバーが水戸市で集合し、Front Rowから貸していただいたポルシェの準備しました。

Prepping the car - here are some pics:

All day Sunday prepping car. Waxing, putting on driver names, removing seat, installing 4 pt seat belt.

Went to bed at 11, got up at 0230 in order to be at Motegi at 0430 - we were there at 0415, but unfortunately traffic made it another 45 minutes until we parked.

The race started at 0759. The day turned out to be nice and sunny. I was lucky enough to drive two sessions.  Will post photos and video and results, if I get them.  My gf reported my time that she saw my first run was 2:45 ish, and second time, was 2:35. We shall see. (Edit - later found out my best first time was 2:37, and best time during second run was 2:35 - Sunako-san was complimentary, given this was the first time for me at this track, and first time driving this car!).

レースは0759開始。晴れてました。僕はお願いして午前中2回の走行を許してもらいました。彼女によると一回めは2:45のベストタイム、2回めは2:35.(後で確認しました。一回目のベストタイムは2:37、二回目はやはり2:35 - 初めて運転した車と初めて回ったサーキットとして、砂子塾長にほめられました!)

Here are some pics of the car and the track

Our shared pit. We were second car from the left, next to one of the other two Front Row Porsches.  Note the older Euro cars  - mostly Mini Coopers (the originals) in the pit as well.

Fukai-san and Suda-san・深井さんと須田さん

Looking forwards in front of our pit - ピットからピット出口まで

Looking back at pit lane - ピット入り口からピットまで

Mitsui-san doing a final inspection - 三井さんの最終チェック!

First driver of the day - Takamisawa-san, getting ready...最初に乗ったドライバー、高見沢さん準備中

12 Hours and 7 minutes later... Just called Fukai-san of SSCT, and he says the team finished safely, no problems with car, and in 46th place - out of a field of 140. Not bad, I think.

Update - more photos of the event can be found at Sunako-san's website in Japanese:

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