Thursday, November 8, 2007

my 15 minutes? how come I have no photos of me and my car??

Because of a request by a motorsport journalist in the UK (Andy English), found this old photo of me and my car. I was contacted because I had met motor journalist Peter Lyon a few weeks ago at Daikoku Futo, a parking lot in the Yokohama area where various sports cars congregate on occasion. At that time, Peter and some other journalists were in Japan to talk to people who owned Skyline GT-Rs. I was the only R33 in the group (the other 3 cars were R34s), so naturally attracted some attention. Anyway, Mr. English, who is at a leading UK newspaper got my name from Peter, and asked me to talk about the GT-R, and have a photo ready of me and my car. Because I was late in finding this, the paper might use a more recent photo of me in the new GT-R from this blog... Oh well.

Anyway, I had to dig into my hard drive to find this... This was taken at the Tsukuba Circuit at a Skyline Sports Car Club Tokyo track day, about two years ago. Note the lack of modification to the car, as evidenced by the standard suspension and lack of carbon fiber in the rear wing.

Here is another photo of me on the race track, this time at Fuji Speedway, about to get into the car as event organizer (and fellow R33 GT-R owner) Honda-san looks on.

Talking to Nissan mechanic Yamada-san about the tires getting too hot for the track.

Finally, just a picture of the car I took when waiting to pick up the girlfriend.

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