Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daikoku Futo Night

Apologize for the low quality pics. Am working on getting a better camera...

Dino's car:

Good shot of my engine, with the Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel:

Me and two new friends from Spain - Rene (Tsuchiya-kun on the GTROC forum) and his friend David). These guys are in Japan on vacation, and rented a Nissan El Grande just to come to Daikoku Futo this evening. And convinced their wives to come too. Wow.

Miguel's 86. Now THAT is an ENGINE!!

Something about the alternator wires...Adam, Tom and Miguel work on the 86.

Tom's (tom80) Supra.

Good to see you guys again - Miguel, his buddy - "Extreme," Dino, his brother, the two guys from Yokota - James and Dillon, Tom, Adam, and the people from Spain. Hope everyone made it home ok.

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