Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mine's - ALMOST done - but meanwhile. マインズ: もうちょっとで完璧に完成だね

We are quite not finished, but at least the engine runs very, very well! Yay! I picked the car up on Sunday - the O2 sensor was replaced, and the engine runs very smoothly, with no overheating. Yes, the idle is a bit rough compard to a normal engine, but otherwise, the response of the engine is fantastic, as is the power - wheel slip in second and third (it was raining, but...)

Anyway - the only thing now I am waiting for from Mine's are new engine covers - the ones fitted to my engine have a sheen to them, so they look pretty bad (e.g. the photo for the plastic oil filler cap - you can definitely see the sheen from improper painting).

Anyway - had an itch to do something - take a look at some of the photos here. I spent this evening changing 1) the GT-R badge for a new one, 2) changing my GReddy carbon fiber radiator cooling panel for a Garage Defend carbon fiber radiator cooling panel, and 3) changed the plastic oil filler cap with a billet aluminum NISMO version (thanks Mo for your generosity!).

New (left) and Old (right):

I was planning on keeping the old one for track days, but as it's somewhat of a pain to access, may just order another new one for back up.

GReddy Panel:

Garage Defend Panel

I plan to test and see if the Garage Defend panel is any better than the GReddy one, which is a design similar to Mine's and it seems everyone else. The theory with everyone else is that the half design lets hot air out on the sides. If that is correct, then I may change back to the GReddy one for the summers.

Plastic Oil Filler Cap:

Nismo Aluminum Billet Oil Cap:

Here, I will probably keep the Aluminum one for looks only - for track days and days I will take the car in for service, will probably switch to the plastic one for ease of use.



The end result:

Here is a better picture of before:

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