Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuji Speedway! No problems! 富士スピードウェイ無事走行!

No problems! The car and the new engine performed perfectly. Although I ran S-tires, which did not provide the best of grip and so it was not my best driving. However, I have a new personal record for speed - 260kph!
無事走行しました!新マインズ改エンジンは抜群です!自分の新記録最高速度:260km! しかし、Sタイヤではなくラジアルタイヤを履いて走ったので、自分の走りにちょっと不満あります。

At speed (my car on the LEFT, bad photo...)

Sunako-jukucho and my friend Nick about to go for a ride...

Also have new video of Sunako-jukucho driving (with Nick in the passenger seat)!

Interestingly, Sunako-san said he felt the car lacked midrange torque, specifically between 4000-5000 rpm (I never noticed). So I took the car to Mine's for the after track day oil change, and mentioned this - and Niikura-san said, if that's what Sunako-san's thinking, then of course we'll take care of it!



(photo courtesy of Nick Martin)

Of course, the prize ceremony at the end was fun, too!

And the next day, I swung by Nissan Prince Tokyo to get some air put BACK in my tires (which I had deflated as the heat of running the track causes the tires to expand). Thank you Honda-san!

Thank you everyone at SSCT.

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