Saturday, August 4, 2007

First visit to MINE'S and EXAGE 初めてのマインズとエクサージュ訪問

In order to find a tuner from whom to order a new engine, I have been doing research all week.  A fellow GT-R afficionado offered to and then took me to visit MINE'S this morning in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture.  I could go on, but will let the pictures do the talking.


THE MINE'S R34 GT-R! Tsukuba 57 seconds!
Link to YouTube clip which shows the car lapping Tsukuba in 59 seconds.

This is the also car which Keiichi Tsuchiya said, "this is too fast!" "So fast it will make a dead man scream!"

R32 and R34 from GT-R Magazine! The magazine editor Yamamoto-san was also there. Some of the MINE'S crew went out and started spot cleaning the cars.

Engine bay of the GT-R Magazine BNR34 Nur:

In the afternoon, I then went to EXAGE in Sayamagaoka, in Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo. Didn't take any pictures, but here is a link to their webpage:

Also - maybe the people at MINE'S were busy - with their event and the GT-R Magazine visit, but I was totally impressed by EXAGE president Tanaka-san, who over the course of nearly 3 hours, patiently explained all the ins and outs of various components I was contemplating for the engine rebuild.

Whatever the outcome of my decision, I will have some work done at EXAGE in the future. I am particularly impressed by how they are obsessed with making the machines they work on as clean as possible - for example with a new engine, not only does the engine come back clean, but so does the engine bay, and the underside of the hood. As well as the inside of the transmission.
結果を別として、エクサージュで何かをやってもらいたいと思ってます。かれらの作業に感動しました。完璧主義者であり、部品を治す・取り替えるだけじゃなくて、徹底的に洗って、新車並みに戻すのがテーマです。 ボンネットの裏とか、ミッションのなかまで、きれいにするんです。


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