Monday, August 6, 2007

My Decision - Mine's for the Engine. 決断 - マインズにお願いしました。

After much deliberation and thought, I have decided to go with MINE'S for my new engine.  I visited MINE'S yesterday and placed my order. Although I was very impressed with Tanaka-san at EXAGE - he spent 3 hours talking to me about the engine, parts, and GT-Rs in general, and his depth of knowledge is incredible, I have to go with the experience that Nakayama-san at MINE'S offers.

I DO plan to go to EXAGE later on, to get other bits taken care of. Good price, great service, and really friendly people are what did it for me.

MINE'S Nakayama-san has built/rebuilt over 1000 engines, and further, my engine will be a near Stage 1 MINE'S engine.  The engine will be identical to the MINE'S stage 1 except that it will not have a lightened crankshaft, the PBB [phosphorous bronze] on the valve guides, and the N1 block as in Stage 1. The necessity for these items is minimal with my kind of driving, while the cost savings are enormous. However, it will be using forged and lightened pistons and all bits will be blueprinted and balanced.

Can expect about 500 hp, and with the durability and responsiveness that MINE'S is famous for.

A completely custom MINE'S VX ROM will be used. While MINE'S does offer VX ROMs for various model cars, these are the ones that fit the general profile of each car model. However, without the customization, the engine still isn't responding as well as it could. Thus, when I pick up the car, I will be required to put on 1000kms, during which time the ROM will be in learning mode.  Afterwards, the permanent ROM will be installed.

So, they will be picking up my car tomorrow on Tuesday. Nakayama-san will store my car and work on the new engine, taking photos along the way, which I hope to post once I get them along with the final specs of the engine. Once the engine is built, they will remove the old one and replace with the new one. Stay tuned!

Here are the specs as I recall from last night - see the Stage 1 engine specs for more details.

HKS GT-SS turbos:


Balanced and blueprinted interior parts - valve cut, head polishing, etc. MINE'S oil baffle, forged lightweight pistons and conrods:

TOMEI Headgasket (1.2mm):

MINE'S intake/exhaust cams - 252 with 10.05 lift for in/ex:

MINE'S air element:

MINE'S triple flow cam cover buffer plate:

MINE'S high capacity fuel pump:

NISMO strengthened engine mounts:

Nissan N1 oil pump (Nakayama-san personally guaranteed the reliability of this item, as he disassembles and inspects each one, when I told him I had read about recent failures):

Nissan N1 water pump:

NISMO Strengthened (Kevlar) timing belt:


High capacity injectors - 600 (MINE'S made by Unisia JECS)

Standard rubber hoses for fluids, silicon hoses for air hoses

NGK #8 racing plugs

There are also optional parts that I have ordered alongside the engine itself: the double plate NISMO clutch, the TOMEI EXPREME exhaust manifold, and the MINE'S turbo elbows (their "Super Outlet Pro II").

The double plate NISMO clutch is needed to handle the extra horsepower - the single plate NISMO clutch I have now can only handle up to 400 hp.

The TOMEI EXPREME increases the flow of exhaust gases, thus allowing the turbos to spool up even faster - and the construction of the EXPREME, with no gaps between each outlet, prevents compression that occassionally happens with the stock manifold.
Looks like this:

Lastly, the MINE'S Super Outlet Pro II turbo elbows keep separate the exhaust gas from the main and bypass manifolds. This reduces exhaust gas interference preventing a decrease in the induction flow, thereby  preventing a loss of power.

Anything else...??

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