Thursday, August 16, 2007

Improved Car needs Improved Driver, so...車だけ改善するんじゃなく、自分の腕も磨きましょう

I got a call from Sunako-jukucho last weekend, offering to teach me race driving techniques in a semi-private setting during the weekend of August 25-26. The catch? The track he is teaching at is in Tokachi, Hokkaido. So I have to fly up there, and the airfare isn't cheap, with JAL having a monopoly on the flight from Haneda to Tokachi.

The cost of the class is a relative bargain, at only 100,000 yen for two full days, food and lodging included. (I think when I attended the Skip Barber school last year at Laguna Seca, the one day course cost $1600, with only lunch included). When I asked about how many students were attending, he said "there was lots of space" and normally a class is 8 students max, so I am figuring there will only be 2-3 of us.

Here is a link to Tokachi Speedway.  We will be using the "Junior Course" and the cars will be supplied. Looks like a nice track.

I think we will be using these cars:

I told Sunako-san that I am looking to learn more about controlling and using oversteer. This should be fun!!

Here is the link I found to the racing school itself:

And the course which I will be taking:

Other links:

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