Thursday, August 30, 2007

some more videos of the R33 GT-R! 33 GT-R関連ビデオ

thought I would add some BCNR33 specific videos here.

Motoharu Gan-san driving at Nurburgring・元春ガンさんがヌルで8分をきれるか?

0-400 meter sprint in the wet. See how the Mine's car is the fastest?・ぬれた路面で0-400対決。ほかの車に比べてパワーはトップではないが、マインズは一番早い!

Famous top secret run at 328kph・トップシークレットBCNR33が湾岸で。。。

RX-7 vs R33 GTR・0-400対決

Mine'S R33 GT-R vs SARD Supra - GTR does Tsukuba in 58.75 seconds!とにかくマインズ33GT-Rは早い!

Tsukuba Battle of Tuner R33 GTRs - watch Mine's car kick ass. 筑波でのチューナーBCNR33対決。やはりマインズが一番早い!

R33 GT-R and NISMO 400R

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