Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Bits and Pieces

Between having new brakes put on and the present, things have not stood still with mods to my car.

First, I got these:
to match the black wheels. I had previously once a few years ago gotten the clear ones, but they just didn’t look right. These smoked ones are much better.

Problem however – if the sides are now smoked – well then what do I do up front? Yes, you can use the S15 Silvia clears from Nissan, but they look almost white, not smoked. Then my friend Russ (RE-xtreme) suggested these “crystal” ones I found on Yahoo Auctions. Said they would match the Xenons. I wonder if I should paint them "smoke"?

So here is the car in daylight, with these mods – what do people think?

I’ve also since washed the car twice, both times finishing with a coat of Zaino AIO. First time, I don’t know if it was the temperature (a bit cold) but it just didn’t look right. Second time, for whatever reason it worked out just fine. I then applied a coat of Zaino Z-5, just because.

Meanwhile – the stereo project/sound insulation project continues. I was able to find someone in Japan who makes MFD baffles for the front speakers, and so I painted them with some flat black paint to preserve the wood.

Here is what they look like BEFORE I painted them.

Meanwhile inside the car, I discovered upon popping open the rear quarter panel that it is HOLLOW!!!! Talk about an echo chamber. And this outside wall of this is literally the sheet metal to the rear arches. Looking down, you can see the wheel arches…

Anyway, will update later when I get everything done on the sound deadening project, will be an easier read I think. Although I have now as of this moment finished adding deadener, and the results are pretty good already - reduced noise from the rear, such that I can now better hear my engine, the clutch, and tire noise! And I have yet to do the doors!

Fuji Speedway run with SSCT coming up on December 23! Stay tuned…(will have a couple of interesting/fun mods before then…)


Neal said...

Kinda hard to see the crystal bumper lights. Maybe get a better picture from the front.

Hope to see you tomorrow night at Daikoku.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Aki, how much did it cost you to have the wheels painted?

Aki said...

@second Anonymous. Each wheel cost 20,000 yen.

Neal - try clicking on the photo for a better view if you haven't already. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pricing Aki. I am considering painting my original R35 wheels darker but dont know where to go here in Tokyo until now.

Btw, personally not a fan of the crystal bumper light and prefer the genuine clear ones. They look kind of cheap and Chinese copy.

Apart from that, the car is looking good!