Monday, June 2, 2008

Adding parts, continued.

Some more parts installation today.

Cusco Brake Stopper. This is supposed to prevent the firewall from flexing, thus improving brake pedal feel.
Here it is before I opened the package

Here is the space near the brake master cylinder before:

And after installation:

Installation took a total of 5 minutes. A bolt on affair. The brakes DO feel a bit tighter, but I do notice that after extended use, the bolt holding the stopper to the master cylinder becomes a bit loose. Will have to work a solution to this.

I also swapped out the old lamps for LED ones in the parking lamps:

This installation was really painful - I had to start on the left side of the car first, remove the airbox, in order to easily access the parking light bulbs.

The right side, I had to remove the bolts bolting the windshield washer fluid container and move the container up while struggling to access the bulb. No photos, sorry.

But check out the difference!

After - see the difference?

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