Monday, October 22, 2007

How Mine's Did It! (Engine building) エンジン組み立て説明

Block - topside after polishing

Bored out cylinders

Block - bottom side

Intake port before

Intake port after

Exhaust port before polishing

Exhaust port after polishing

Tomei forged pistons

Conrods weighed

Pistons and conrods come together

Lightened, and plus minus zero balanced crankshaft

Crank installed.

Valves - intake (r) and exhaust (l), both polished

Combustion Chamber - pre headwork?

Head Assembly. Looks Full Squish to me

Mine's Cams - 252 each, 10.05 mm lift

HSK Cam Gears and Belt

Intake, Intake gasket installed

Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold

Oil pan and baffle completed.

Tomei Exhaust Manifolds Installed!

HKS GT-SS Turbos!

Turbos added- now just need to add hoses

Engine Done!

Cleaned Engine Bay, ready to receive new engine!

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