Sunday, December 24, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 23. Parts Arrive in Japan!

So in my last Interior Modernization Post, we talked about the finishing touches and details.  So what happened next?

Well as you can see from these photos he sent me he was pretty much done.  And just as he was preparing to send all the parts to me the carbon fiber pieces that Marc had worked on also arrived, and so I asked Cesar to send me everything except for the left over leather. Just in case and also because I was worried that Japan Customs might tax raw leather, as opposed to finished leather parts which I had confirmed they would not.

Thanks again to Correos de Mexico as well as Japan Post, the pieces arrived quickly, within a week. Because I did not have the space nor the confidence to install the main dashboard, I decided to have that piece sent to Worx AutoAlarm in Chiba, where I would ask Nakamura-san to install the dashboard while he also installed a new car alarm as my old Clifford one had died.  Everything else, I asked Cesar to send to me directly.

Let me say it was very nice getting these boxes. Felt like Christmas even though this was on February 4 of this year.

Of course I first opened the biggest boxes, which were obviously the front doors.
And the leather smelled absolutely incredible!
Wow. So nice, looks even better in person!

Couldn't resist. Installed immediately!!!

Found the carbon pieces that had arrived just in time at Cesar's. These will replace the triangular bits covering the side mirrors.

Like this.
If you take a close look, the weave is off. But, as soon as I mentioned this, Marc sent me a PERFECT replacement for free
And then of course the smaller boxes:
Looks like a lot of stuff in there...
Very well wrapped. Thanks Cesar!
Quite a mess of parts. But all wrapped up nicely in bubble wrap!
Was really looking forward to these pieces. Something for me to fondle as I drive...
The scratched up shift surround is only for reference. I would be taking the leather piece out.
And of course the rear panels:
Wow, just wow!
Oh and check this out too:

The green arrows points to a dilemma. In order for me to take this piece off, I had to cut this section to allow the seat belt to be slipped off. Cesar sent it back with just enough extra leather so that I could reinstall the seatbelt and then wrap the extra leather to form a fairly secure joint.

This was the BEFORE picture, if you recall. 

Remind me to take a better photo to show how the seat belt guide was done. Basically, it's not noticeable.
Yes, even the overhead grip handles were wrapped! Trust me it feels 200% more luxurious this way.

So what's next? Well in the upcoming Speedhunters article I describe going to Worx and dropping the car off, and then waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

But as I was waiting, Nakamura-san DID send me some photos.  As I understand my article on Speedhunters might take a while to publish (at least another week from today), in my next blog entry I'll see about posting some photos that didn't make the Speedhunters article. Stay tuned! 


Skodajocky said...

Just "Wow".
Nice work, curious to see next steps on speedhunter :).

Unknown said...

I need interior parts for my r33 gtst but can not find anybody no wr I can find

Aki said...

Try Yahoo Auctions, I see used interior parts all the time. There are some limited new ones too, for that contact sellers like Trust Kikaku.