Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nismo Steering Bushes and Rear Member Brace!

Third event for the day, installation of Nismo reinforced steering bushes, and the Nismo rear member brace.

Here is a comparison of the steering rack bushes, new (Nismo reinforced on top) and the old ones, removed. With firmer bushings, the steering is supposed to be more precise in feel, as the firmer rubber provides more direct feedback.

Hirose-san had a full shop, so had to work on my car on jackstands on the ground - being early evening did not help, but he got it done!

Then it was on to the rear member brace - this is a piece that had interested me for a long time. Two tubular steel braces on each side, which are supposed to increase the rigidity of the rear suspension links - developed for and used on the R34 Z-tune, but as the R33 shares the same rear suspension (or should we say, the R34 GTR shares the same set up as the R33??) they work on the R33 too. Benefits of these pieces is it is supposed to keep the rear links aligned better, for all around better performance of the rear suspension.

Here is the right side rear axle, and you can see the new piece being added (it's cleaner than the other pieces!)

Ok, here I am pointing at it, just in case.

Steering bushings - well I have to say I have mixed feelings. The steering feels LIGHTER than before, and yes, quicker to respond. On the other hand, the steering feels somewhat "numb" on center. Maybe it's the tires, I will have to see what happens at the upcoming track day with SSCT on April 25 when I put on S-tires.

As for the rear member brace - this DEFINITELY is an improvement. When I accelerate the car, I can feel the rear end more "planted" than before. This is probably working in conjunction with the underfloor bracing which gives the car more rigidity, but the power seems to be getting to the rear wheels better. Again, we will see what happens at the track day, whether my times improve...


G said...

Awesome!! Really looking forward to the next update.

Murray said...

Aki, I know it's been a while since this post, but do you believe the rear member brace ended up being a worthwhile investment? I'm looking to purchasing a set of my own but don't see any other reviews upon searching. Thanks!

Aki said...

To be honest, even though I posted I could feel a difference, that was back then and now I guess I've gotten used to it. Plus I'm not doing much hard acceleration and when I do, the car now has updated bushes and the 6 speed which give a very different character. So what I am saying is that I think I forgot the effect these parts had. In the end, if you have the money, go for it, but it's not a high priority item.