Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's been a long time...

since my last post! Standard excuse - been busy - and a novel one - I've been working out almost every night, as my friend Dino wants me to pose with a mankini this summer on the beach (like Borat...just kidding!!)

Ok, by posting here, I promise that, this weekend I will update in full.

I will have entries on:
1) my move out of Tokyo, to Yokohama (closer to Nissan HQ, of course!)
2) we moved into a house with a 2 car garage (the "man-cave" project)
3) went with SCCT to a track day at Fuji Speedway, Short Course. On S-tires. In pouring rain. Which resulted in some bent sheet metal!!! and the destruction of 2 barriers.
4) but luckily the damage was minor and easily repairable... and while at the shop, went ahead and got rid of 2 dings on the right side caused by idiots in SUVs who fling their doors open... which means a totally SMOOOOOOTH and perfect right side now!!

And more... plan on going to Zama this weekend to do some clean up work! So stay tuned, and again sorry for the lack of recent posts!!

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