Saturday, December 12, 2009

Parking in Tokyo

Anyone who's been to Tokyo knows that space is at a premium. So, parking in a multistory structure, cars parked side-to-side, is not as common as in the US or Europe.

As a result, parking garages (at least the one for my apartment complex) sometimes look like this. Inspiration from Japanese anime? (visualize 25th century, some kind of flying robot...)

Row upon row of multistory, mechanically operated trays that go up, down, sideways, where people park their cars. 3 vertically, 4 horizontally. Concept is similar to those puzzles we had growing up - 15 numbered squares in a space for 16 squares, moving around so that the numbered squares line up numerically. I think you get what I am saying.

Here is my car after being "called" down from its normal "resting" spot. I chose this certain bank of trays, as it was coverered and closest to the door, but, on the second row of trays so out of site. But the location makes this block of trays a popular selection, and so every weekend, when I go to pull out my car and go somewhere, I find it covered with dust.... and the whole process of calling the car down takes 3-5 minutes. No hopping in the car and driving off, that's for sure.

A benefit though of parking in a huge complex is a dedicated wash spot (next to the handicapped spot). 100 yen for about 30 minutes of water!

So why am I posting about my garage... because next week, I'm moving... finally, after 4 years of GT-R ownership, to a house with a garage where I can now store and work on my car! So looking forward to this!


Eu Jin said...

Saw quite a fair number of these multistory carparks when I was in Tokyo. Am quite amazed to see tall slim structures around. :)

Congrats on your moving to a landed property.

Aki said...

Thanks! I've checked out your blog too, very impressive!!

kev said...

u definitely need a proper place to store your monster. not having enough care for the car is just a shame! ive yet to visit japan, maybe just one day. thank god my jdm is small and can fit almost anywhere! lol