Monday, January 9, 2012

A Professional Film of the Dyno Run!

Everyone check this out! You may have already seen this on my Facebook page but...

When I had my car dyno'd at Uchida Car Works... Dino Dalle Carbonare decided to try his hand at taking video with his Canon DSLR...his first time ever? Luckily Luke Huxham of Maiham Media agreed to do the post processing and editing, resulting in this beautiful short film:

Tomei Expreme Ti from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Posted here with the explicit permission of Luke Huxham and Maiham Media.

Those of you who know Luke and/or have seen his work know that he is a world famous young up-and-coming professional videographer/cinematographer, and with this kind of quality, I am sure you would agree that, it's only a matter of time before he's widely acknowledged as one of the top in the industry.

Thanks again Luke!


Matt said...

Unreal sound, congrats Aki! I'm now convinced I need this exhaust! :D

Luke Huxham said...

You sir are far too kind.

Aki said...

Thanks Matt! Love your blog too - I am going to link to it if you don't mind. Love how you like to keep things clean and stock looking - something we have in common? LOL

VspecR said...

Slowly making my way though your whole thread!