Sunday, May 31, 2009

HKS Intercooler Hard Pipes

Well after that fiasco at Fuji Speedway on the 5th, I decided I needed to install intercooler hard pipes.

So here it is, installation of HKS hard pipes. I tried to shop around, and found that essentially, there were only three companies that made intercooler hard pipes - Nismo, HKS, and Greddy. Of these, the Nismo kit contained only 3 pipes, but cost more than the others (because the fourth piece from the turbines into the intercooler is a separately purchased one piece pipe). The Greddy and the HKS were comparable price-wise, but it looked to me that the HKS were slightly better made, AND I figured the purple silicon connectors would match with the Mine's engine cover.

So here is how it happened:

The box with the magic 3 letters:

close up:

wow, a bunch of shiny bits:

after removing the pipe on the left side:

Right side of engine bay:

Here is the inside left fender - mesh is for the oil cooler. This entire lining had to be removed to access the area to install the left front hard pipe (see next photo):

Here is the new hard pipe in place of the one that blew off:

Will post up pics of how it all looks in the engine bay very soon!

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