Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dyno Run at SuperAutoBacs・オートバクスでパワーチェック

With Mine's Engine:

At Boost Setting of 1.3:
Power - 508.2ps at 6990 rpm
Torque - 59.5 kgm [583.5 Nm = 430.4 lb-ft] at 5160 rpm

At Boost Setting of 1.0:
Power - 453.3 ps at 7270 rpm
Torque - 51.3 kgm [503.1 Nm = 371.1 lb-ft] at 5300 rpm

Both measured at SuperAutoBacs Tokyo Bay, December 1, 2007 on its BOSCH machine.

Prior History:
When I first did a dyno run, did it at Nissan Shinagawa in 2005, a few months after I bought the car. The first one was of the car's standard factory engine without any modifications. The second run, after the factory engine computer was replaced with a Tomei unit, running factory boost (approx 0.87)

11/01/2005 - 247.24 PS
11/11/2005 - 256 PS

My first SuperAutobacs run, I did to see what the difference between Nissan Shinagawa's dyno and the Autobacs one, with the same engine conditions.
11/19/2005 - Power - 287 PS at 6620 rpm; Torque - 37.6 kgm [368.7 Nm = 272 lb-ft] at 4050 rpm

I am still looking for a run I did in 2006, after I got a boost controller and raised the boost to 1.0.

I have a record of a run in May 2007, after I got my Tomei Poncam B and adjustable HKS cam pulleys installed. This run was done at 1.0 boost.

Power - 347.3 PS at 6850 rpm
Torque - 42.0 kgm [411.9 Nm; 303.8 lb-ft] at 4300 rpm

So, you can see that the change of the engine - from standard engine with standard turbines at 1.0 boost, to Mine's engine with Mine's cams, HKS GT-SS turbines at 1.0 boost, Tomei exhaust, and Mine's front pipe - resulted in power gain of 106 PS, and torque gain of 14.6 kgm (105.6 lb-ft)!

Here are two video clips - first is just noise (or "music" depending on your view!)

And here it is, during the actual test:

Nismo Festival tomorrow, off to bed...

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