Monday, December 3, 2007

Yikes! I got quoted...

Andrew English actually did use my quotes in his column!!

I don't sound too silly...but since this is my blog - I'd like to make two corrections:
1)I don't work for a California based law firm anymore, and
2)I have a 1997 BCNR33 (R33 GT-R)

Thanks Mr. English!! Nice article, too! Can't wait until I get a chance to drive the new car.

Otherwise - the latest is, I picked up my car from Mine's (again) after having discovered a small oil leak due to a crack in the oil delivery pipe. Not a major problem, but I must have contributed to damaging the environment with all the smoke I was spewing out as a result of minute drops hitting hot engine parts.



Unknown said...

A guy posted a pic of you retrofitting some customized gauges in the gtr center tri gauges. And he told me to look into your site. Was hard to find so i best contact you, i want to remove the convenional front torque distribution into something far more useful. And i want to know who does it. Thanks in advance.

Aki said...


If you are talking about the ATTESSA, then you have several options. Some are manual adjustments to change the G-sensor output, some are digital G-sensors that allow more accuracy in the signal, and some alter the G-sensor signal (like the Do Luck DTM II unit). There are other devices out there, some which are not plug and play and so I can't comment on them.

Unknown said...

Give me your mail i will send you your picture. I want to use those gauges because nobody is showing any interest in buying them . I will describe them to you.

Your center console gauges are fitted above the air con on your car. Two of them are digital one of them is analogue, the digital ones are showing temperature of some sort.

I have a skyline gtst, and having front torque is pretty much wasteful, I want that to be showing me something else more elaborate.