Sunday, June 30, 2013

BNR34 Rear Diffuser Project, Part 3: How to Get the Diffuser to the Shop

Or more accurately, how to get a BNR34 rear diffuser to the shop when you don’t have the proper brackets in place?

I’m not especially proud of this, but basically what I did was to attach the front of the diffuser using the RB Motorsport supplied bolts, which surprisingly alone was able to keep the diffuser off the ground.  However, the diffuser did not neatly fit around the Tomei muffler (so there will have to be some cutting), resulting in a diffuser unbalanced left and right. 

Just to be on the safe side, of course, I decided to do what I can to control movement in the unattached back, so I ended up passing twine through the two bracket hole, and then running the string around the license plate frame. Meanwhile, I also used some packing tape between the diffuser and the bumper, to lessen the load on the twine.

The end result was ugly (some would say "ghetto"), and looked like this:

But I WAS able to get to BeAmbitious safely, and so I left my car with Ninomiya-san with great anticipation.

Next:  How it all turned out!


Skyline33 said...

Every time i see a Db killer in a exhaust it make's me wanna cry!

Never used one on my GTST, who cares if its superloud. I don't like the sound of a Db killer, nor do i want to kill my turbo.

Aki said...

I completely agree, but believe me, here in crowded Japan, sometimes it's better to look funny than have your neighbors upset with you! Never mind the wife...but I hope to remedy this situation, very soon! Stay tuned and thanks for the comment!

Skyline33 said...

The Australian company Varex make's a nice exhaust with built in silencer that you can control via a remote.

I almost bought one a year ago when the cops took my pink slips for having a exhaust that is too loud. But i settled for a cheaper option with the apexi butterfly valve because i only planned on using it when cops would pull me over.

But back on topic, hope to see the diffuser installed. A good option over the low hanging Top Secret one.

Aki said...

Thanks! Apologies but trying to fit one more mod before I post a daylight photo.

As for the exhaust, well yes I have something coming soon too similar to what you are talking about!

Anonymous said...

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