Sunday, June 23, 2013

BNR34 Rear Diffuser Project, Part 1: Restoring the Diffuser

So given the condition the OEM BNR34 diffuser that I got on Yahoo Auctions (for relatively cheap) was in, it needed to be freshened up.  This meant removal of as many rusted or bent, broken parts, and replacing with new or refurbished.   Also, it meant that the carbon itself would have to be sanded down and a clear coat applied, where applicable.
Bent fins, scraped up carbon fiber, rusty bolts and rusted leading edge plate
As you can see clearly here, the leading edge of the diffuser is rusted.

This shows clearly how the supports for the fins are rusted as well

Left rear bracket is rusted and bent

Right rear bracket is in much better shape, although there still is some rust.

I guess this happens a lot, but check out the condition of the fins, as well as the rusted bolts, for example.
These side guard things are scratched up, the bolts rusted and the fins bent!
So I removed everything that I could easily. That included the side guard things (as above), the front brackets (thing on left in photo below), the side brackets (one was severely bent up), and the fins. 

With the fins, you can see how much dust was trapped underneath each one! 
excuse the mess in the
Also, the side guard things (made of ABS plastic) were scuffed up, and in some places, damaged, so they needed to be repaired. The best I could do, of course, was to sand down the rough spots, and then spray on the spray rubber (Plasti-Dip).

Came out OK though. I mean, you really can't see them, so as long as they are looking shiny and newly protected, I'm happy. 

I then sanded down the carbon fiber in places where it was rough (as well as gently all over), then applied a clear coat, just in case. (Note that the carbon fiber itself is a dry weave and probably doesn't need a clearcoat, if in new condition...)
Nice and Shiny!
After I was happy with how this turned out, I used a rivet gun to reattach the side pieces, this time with stainless steel rivets:

The end result being this - note that I did not attach the fins back on.  Also note that I replaced the front brackets with stainless ones from the RB Motorsport kit (one on the left attached here):

So in Part 2, I'll review how I was able to attach it to the car.

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