Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post: Sami R - How to Convert R33 Headlights from RHD to LHD

As you may recall, I recently replaced my Xenon headlights with brand
new units. So what did I do with the old ones? I removed the burners and mailed both units to my friend Sami in Finland. He's got a gorgeous red R33, but had been wanting Xenons for his car for those dark Scandanavian nights. Unfortunately, the law does not allow use
of the stock RHD ones, forcing Sami to modify LHD ones to adhere to Finnish law. Sami has been sending me almost daily updates, with
photos - ie perfect blog material. Enjoy!

Hi, Aki. Lights are here. They were just as good as i remember, perfect.  So, you have open one of them or have you? I think
that i read that on your blog or then i have read something else. If you have open one of them, is´t the driver side?  I just like to know, because it should be easyer to open if it has been open before.  And i do have one practice version too, i will open that one first.   Here is pics of the lights.    Thanks, -Sami


joachim said...

Was there a guide to convert these light from rhd to lhd?

Anonymous said...

Hi. How do you convert s3 headlights to LHD?

Anonymous said...

Aki i need help !!