Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post: Sami R. -Headlight Conversion, part 2

Hi, Aki.    Okay, today was national holiday, so no work and
weather was also nice (it has been raining nearly every day) I think
that it´s time to open that extra light housing that i have just for
practice.  Here is few pics how it looks inside, i think that you
haven´t ever open the lense it self?  But, anyway here is also pics
inside of that.  And there is the piece that i need to change (it
might be possible, so i don´t have to change whole lens, just the
little piece inside of it) but if i don´t find these pieces anywhere,
then i change the whole lense unit. Hi beam is okay anyway, because it
should have straight light pattern, it doesn´t rise on left or right
side.     I keep you updated if you like to see how it work out.

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