Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Post: Sami R - Headlight Conversion Part 5

Hi, Aki.

Okay, now i have make some progress on my project.  Today i have find some right thickness aluminium on scrap yard. Last week i buy some too thin sheet, so it doesn´t stay straight when you adjust the light. And hardware store doesn´t have any thicker pieces on stock. If i want that, i have to order whole full size sheet and that´s way too expencive for me.

Straight after work, i drive to the scrap yard and ask if they have some straight aluminium sheets.  A lady who works there, just says that go there and look for your self, if you can find something that you can use, you can keep it.  So, i have this little piece for free and this one is just perfect, the plastic clips stays on place just like on original piece.
So, today i have make prototype of this adaptor plate and adjustment works perfect, hopefully i get that hole for the projector tomorrow.
And most hardest part is to make some square holes for these plastic clips, but they turn out quite nicely (at least for prototype) I try to make some info for exact numbers of that piece, when it´s ready. Maybe someone wants to do same conversion.

And now for the pics, hope you like them.

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