Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Post: Sami R. - Headlight Conversion, Part 9

Hi, Aki.

Guess what?

I get them done today.  When I´m going to put them on their place,I don´t know yet. Hopefully very soon, but first I have to get all wiring done. And today I get those other connectors for these lights.

Well, everything seem to go well so far and I get the housings back together easy too.  Just have to put some new glue stuff, when I first get them in to their place, just for testing. But I have to take the bumper out for that.

I think that they look quite original, VW light is little smaller than Nissan one, but that´s just fine, it leave more adjustment space inside the light.

My original plan, was to use N16 pulsar/almera lights, but then I change the plan, because I hope that someone can do the same conversion. And I think that VW lights are available everywhere, but N16 Nissan lights with projectors, might be quite hard to find in US.

Here are the pics:

First are the lights and then there is pics of the connectors.
Las pic is my head light wires, lots of tape and some extra wires. I have to get rid of those and make them perfect (almost)


1 comment:

Ayasha Kieth said...

Looking at your pictures I am wondering if what is that, then Now I know,.. ahahha.. LOL

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