Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Post: Sami R. - Headlight Conversion, Part 7

Hi, Aki.

Okay, prototype is ready!!!

Next i have to make the real ones, and fix some flaws. Tomorrow i try to find some very small nuts and bolts. I dont have enough these ones that i´m using now.

That light pattern mechanism is working and the whole light seems to fit quite nice on it´s place.
I´m thinking that i´m going to start make the real ones on next weekend I have material, tools, time and mockup.

Well, if you have time and interest to write something about this to your blog, it´s very flattering.

And next are these pics, again...    First is pics of the plate, with some new holes on it and then 4th and 5th pics show, how tiny boltsi´m going to need to find.
Last two, are only comparison photos. Upper one is yours (original) and bottom one is homemade.


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