Wednesday, September 16, 2020

OCD to the Max?

So as I was taking the car interior apart in order to strip out all non OEM wiring, I realized the moment I had been waiting for had arrived.

You see, a while back while my car was at Nismo Omori Factory, I was doing my usual Yahoo Auction check when I stumbled upon these two items.

 Yep, they are brand new clear plastic covers for the main gauges as well as the subgauges!

Looks good but it can be improved!

You can see the slight scratches...
 So to prevent any further scratches on replacement, I put on these rubber gloves.

And used some electronic equipment air spray to make sure once opened up, there was no dust that would end up between the new clear plastic and the gauges.

And then I just snapped the new plastic to the shroud:
Super clear!

Did the same with the submeter gauges:
You can see some scratches here but...
This really shows you how scratched up it is
Looks shiny...
COMPLETELY Transparent! 
Anyway, while this mod really didn't do much in terms of functionality, it helps to detract from the fact that the car is almost 25 years old. Having a clear line of sight to the instruments is key, and can be considered part of bringing the car back to "factory fresh" but with a modern twist!

And so a few more mods to go until I can say the car is ready! Ready for what? Stay tuned and find out...


Anonymous said...

Few things age a car more than cloudy, scratched up clear plastics.

Aki said...