Saturday, March 21, 2020

In Addition to the Nismo Omori Factory Chassis Refresh...Extras!

This will be my last post before I pick up the car tomorrow - finally! Can't wait to drive it home, admittedly on old-ish tires, but that will help me keep the speed down (at least until I can afford new tires...)

So as I hinted in a previous post, in addition to the Nismo Omori Factory Chassis Refresh, the guys went ahead and, with my permission, fixed a few things they spotted while most of the undercarriage was off the car.

First, they replaced this - the ATTESA ETS nitrogen accumulator (Click here for a nice DIY on how to do it yourself on an R32 GT-R. Thanks to Sean Morris for the information. And here is a good explanation of how ATTESA itself works -thanks to DSportMag). Maybe this will fix the slowish response of the ATTESA that I had always wondered about (granted the digital DTMII G-sensor massively improved things but I always felt there was still a slight delay).
Old Nitrogen accumulator
I confirmed in a phone call this morning that, this part is erroneously shown as part of the Chassis Refresh menu (in Japanese) - it's an OPTION but NOT part of the actual Chassis Refresh Package.  And that makes sense, as it was NOT shown in the following photo of all the parts that are replaced in the Package:
From an earlier update post. Do you see the accumulator? Me neither.
So here it is, the new part (green arrow).
Here is the new piece. 
You would think they would do me a favor and, while the cover was off, clean up some of that dirt - I'm planning to go back in and clean up the rubber hoses, remove some of that dirt/surface rust on the rear tow hook (purple arrow)... someday...
Yeah that dirt bothers me...everything else is SO clean...
Next - as long time readers know, my car has an HKS engine oil cooler installed. Air gets sucked in via the Series 3 (kohki-後期) only left hand turn signal assembly with the cutout (see photo below):
Curious about other Series 3 (kohki) differences? Read this.
and then the heated air has to exit somewhere.  When I had the oil cooler installed at Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports, they did their best to use wire mesh and rivets to provide an outlet.
You can see the intercooler fins on the left of the mesh.
This is where the guys at Nismo really know their stuff.  They knew that the R33 GTS25t (aka ECR33) came with an OEM grill for the front left fender, so sourced an ECR inner fender, cut out the grill, and then sourced a brand new BCNR33 inner fender cover (I may have to get a new inner fender for the front right side to, cut out the required space, then used "magic" to make it all fit properly.  They even used black rivets (OEM, sourced from Autech!) to make for an almost OEM appearance.

So what else? Well as everyone knows Nismo has re-released their GT shift knobs in both titanium and urethane, so of course I had to get one too.  No photos yet as that will be when I pick up the car...

Tomorrow will be a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff, inspirational too.

My car finally made it to Garage Yoshida after ~5 months, hopefully Yoshida-san will be able to do a comparable job on the chassis refresh:

Aki said...

Very nice! As you can see he's working on the Mines R34 N1 R34 right now as well. He's the alternative that I would trust. Good luck and keep us updated!!!