Sunday, November 13, 2022

Tempting New Modernizing Product at R's Meeting 2022

So at the OS Giken booth during my walk around R's Meeting 2022, I found this:

No, not the R34 - but the advert next to it!

Describing something called OS-EPC - Their easier to read Facebook page has the same the text below the OS-EPC prototype unit photo - "In replacing the pressure sensor of the ATTESA-ETS of the Second Generation GT-R with a highly accurate electronic sensor, precise drivetrain control from increased durability."

So when I asked the guys at the booth, they told me that the ATTESA-ETS pressure sensor is something that is no longer available new but is required to function in order for these cars to pass shaken. And, they have been getting increasing numbers of cars with problematic (aging) pressure sensors. So, OS Giken decided to work together with GT-R specialist shop Racing Factory Autobahn (their demo car is the blue R33 GT-R shown, and they also have a yellow R33 that has lapped Tsukuba in about 56 seconds!) to develop a modernized electronic version of the OEM mechanical pressure sensor. 

As the Facebook advert shows, this new part will be available starting in OS Giken's online store, OS Factory Line, beginning in December of this year.  I recall them telling me to expect the price to be about 150,000 yen.   Interestingly, they also told me they are experimenting with a version that can be user modulated/controlled so potentially one could control how quickly ATTESA-ETS reacts in a given situation - for example, with some lag for track days but super quick/OEM on the road for example. However they could not give me pricing nor timing on this, but if they go through with it I expect the price will be twice as much and timing would likely be mid-next year.  I guess we can wait and see.

I did a quick Google search fro OS-EPC and found this Web Option article - which shows these two photos of the basic prototype unit.

So has anyone had any problems with this ATTESA-ETS pressure sensor? To be honest, when I had Nismo Omori Factory redo my car's chassis, there was no mention of this.  Rather, they did get me a new nitrogen accumulator.

In any case, you can bet I am very interested in this new tech.  The other tech I am interested in is some kind of digital version of the yaw rate sensor which I have been thinking about since this post back in 2014!

Ok next post I'll be talking about some more mundane stuff. Check back soon!


jho96 said...

Curious to see how they make it work. A digital sensor should be able to help get the pump running fractionally sooner, especially in sharp transient events where the accumulator is emptying and the pressure is dropping rapidly.

I'm still surprised that there's no digital yaw sensor for the BCNR33 despite Midori Seibi listing one for the BNR34. It may only be used for HICAS in both but anything to help the HICAS system work better would be good to have.

jho96 said...

Also forgot to mention this but Nismo Heritage Parts repair program will replace the ATTESA pressure switch as a part of the rebuild so if there's a 385,000 yen line item in your invoice for ATTESA rebuild yours was replaced:

Aki said...

thanks and agree on both points! I will have to go back and check, but if there is an electronic unit that can do the job better and it's adjustable - something to look forward to but no rush for me then!

Dave said...

Alternatively, I see that FPG in Australia makes a retrofit kit for ¥26,000.

Aki said...

Thanks Dave! I see that there is another tuner here in Japan also working on something similar... good times!