Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dorky... but Effective?

 So as I was cleaning out my garage the other day, I found this - something I purchased, I think, over 10 years ago!

Yep, clear door edge guards, complete with double stick tape.

Of course, me being, me, I have already lined my garage strategically with soft foam where it counts, so I never have to worry about my car's doors getting scratched up if I happen to open a door carelessly while the car is parked.

But what about out in the wild? Maybe I should take pains to do something to add some protection? Either that or maybe I will always park away from others...

Since installation is literally by way of a pair of scissors and the included double stick tape, I will only show you the end result on the passenger side.

First, I wonder if the tape will continue to be effective, or will the clear molding end up as trash somewhere on the road, ripped away by the wind?

More importantly, is this easy mod just too dorky for my car? Let me know what you think! (I actually think this might be a period correct mod...)

And not to worry - I should have a much more interesting and lengthy garage related post up in a few days. Check back soon!


jho96 said...

No different from PPF in my opinion. I still see cars with stuff like that applied, often as a dealer installed accessory.

Aki said...

Good point! And easily removable if I think it's not effective... thanks for the comment!