Saturday, April 3, 2021

Cars and Coffee Okinawa, Part 1

I love the fact that in this day and age thanks to social media, wherever I go, I usually happen to "know" someone local to the area.  This was no different - and that is why I found myself invited to this monthly car nerd event, held in a shopping center parking lot near Okinawa's "American Village" a shopping center/tourist attraction, checking out the local car community (lots of Americans!) and their rides.  Of course, this blog being all about R33 GT-Rs I will save the best for last but to say the least, I was super impressed with what I saw.

Let's start with some Toyotas - was going to check them out:

But I was quickly distracted by this nice NISSAN - I especially like the number plate:

Sorry, let's check it out from a better view. You can see others were getting some nice photos too.

Sadly, I only saw 2 FDs there. Sorry Russ.

On the other hand, the Subaru contingent was out in full force:

Some more Toyota things. And a cute first gen Miata! (and yeah that was the local police, begging people NOT to leave, but to stop idling the engines... noisy for some locals I guess...)

Ok call me old but I actually like the shape of this Supra better than the Mark IV.

And of course, no car meet in Japan would be complete without at least one ITASHA. Unfortunately it had to be a Nissan, this twin turbo Z32...sigh...

I did like how clean this grey Z32 was, however.

Ok now here is a weird threesome. Anyone know what these are?

Ok this was awesome. 

As was this:

Looked like something for everybody:

This was the sleeper of the day. Again, nice job with the license plate!

Marred only, in my opinion, by these replica TE37s.

Still, I think I could be persuaded to buy one as my next family car. The luggage capacity of an SUV, four wheel drive, but stick shift and turbocharged RB!

So I was checking out this bayside bluish Soarer...

And then noticed:

Anyone know what this is? Looks pretty, but I have no idea how well it functions. I mean it LOOKS like it would function well, but what's up with the crown logo? But I DO appreciate the super clean rim!

And yes there was much more. Sorry to all those who I did not get - maybe next time?

In my next post, I will take the liberty of talking more about those 3 R33 GT-Rs at the top of the page. They all have different stories but all were impressive in their own ways. 

Some of you may be wondering? What about other GT-Rs? Well, I did not see a single R32 GT-R or R35 GT-R, at least at the meet. And yeah there were a couple of BNR34 as well, but strangely everyone was ignoring them. Seriously I am not making this up.

Finally - if you happen to be in Okinawa this year, here is the schedule.


Dreek said...

Very nice. I wish you could've made it to Custom's Night

Aki said...

Definitely! When is the next one?

Mik said...
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Aki said...

Mike sure - email me at


Anonymous said...

Isn't the character for "ita" in itasha the one for pain? Says it all doesn't it...