Sunday, April 18, 2021

Back In Yokohama...

Right after I got back from my recent trip to Okinawa, I got a call from Ochiai-san at Nismo Omori Factory - even though I'm not spending the megabucks their other customers are, they had a slot for me to come by so they could fix a few things - things that they just didn't have time to work on or complete last time my car was in their care.

Obviously I wasn't going to say no, even if I had to scrounge up some spare change in order to afford the visit. So I jumped into the GT-R and...

Nismo Omori Factory is actually in a fairly industrial area.

Of course had to get THE perfect photo...
Except I had forgotten to tuck away the CTEK charger dongle above the license plate. Oops

Ochiai-san was busy trying to convince a customer to spend a lot of money fixing up, or actually keeping the car maintained, by way of a complete engine rebuild. The numbers I overheard are probably on par with the median annual salary here in Japan.
This is what happens when I get bored, I start taking photos of any 33 I can find.

I did find some very comfortable seats however:
Funny they chose those numbers. And no, no "3 2" or "3 4"... they DID have a "2 3" chair there though.

Finally when it was my turn to discuss what my car needed, I asked Ochiai-san to take a look at this:

In my quest to fix up the interior, I noticed some of these bolt covers missing. They were gone from the front seat rails, and the ones in the back were not exactly fitting well, as above.  Also, the carpeted liners in the trunk area aren't in perfect condition so I was hoping he could order me some new ones.  Alas, that was not meant to be as it appears everything is out of stock! So I will have to hunt on Yahoo Auctions I guess, like everyone else!

Of course, these weren't the ONLY things I asked them to fix or replace. There were a few other things but I will post on that once I get the car back!

Meanwhile, right after I jumped in the taxi they called for me to take home, I spotted this right before we exited the gate:

Finally, earlier today my friend Adam texted me this:

And so yeah I admitted this was my car - of course sharp eyed readers can see the exclusive Club R33 sticker in the rear quarter window!  Stay tuned for my next post where you can check out what I had done!

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Adam said...

Lovely spotting it ! I should have taken a similar selfie with my club jumper infront of your ride ! :)